Lucy Elkivity


Lucy Elkivity
Born in Uruguay 1958. Living in Israel since 1973.

Studies :

Artistic Medal course – "Basis" School of Sculpture -2006

Calligraphy course - "Basis" School of Sculpture- 2005

Graphic Design and Web Design – "Ort" Diploma studies-2001-2003

Calligraphy workshop – Prof' Gurskas from Lithuania ,at "Bassis" School of Sculpture' s 2001

Workshops on children's' literature at Beit Ariela,Tel-Aviv-1998-1999

One year course in illustration – "Avni Institute"-1998

Active Workshop –Beit Berl College – 1987

Talma Yalin School of Arts and the Art Teacher's Seminary in Ramat Hasharon .

Solo exhibitions:

"Mute Voices" - Gallery Twenty Four, Tel Aviv , 2006

"Figurative Calligraphy"- Hanita Contemporary Art Museum, Kibutz Hanita, 2007

"Sometimes in the Dark"- Tova Osman Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, 2008

"Untitled", Daviv Yalin College, Jerusalem, 2011

Group exhibitions:
2000- "Wine Around the Sea II", Rishon Le Tzion winery.
2001-"Coloring a Poem", Raanana's Municipality Gallery.
2001- New illustrations for O.Hilels' stories and poems,Holon.
2002- "Bright Light", illustrations for Uri Tzvi Grinberg,Jerusalem.
2001-2002 – Festival Internazionale di Humor Grafico,Italy.
2003 – "Animals coming out from fairy tales, stories and fables", Raanana's Municipality Gallery.
2004 - "Illustration is all the story",Givataim Theatre.
2005 – "Cinema" , Raanana's Municipality Gallery.
2006 – Illustrations for H.C.Andersen, Haifa Theatre and Beit Ariela ,Tel-Aviv.
2005-2006 – Uruguayan artists residents in Israel,Raanana.
2006 – "Toys and Games", Raanana's Municipality Gallery.
2006 – "No Name",Haifa University.
2007- A gesture to O.Hilel ,"Mediatheque" , Holon.
2007 – "Transparent children",Hanita Contemporary Art Museum,Kibbutz Hanita.
2007 – "Cow Design Festival",Illustration (Dnepropetrovsk,Ukraine)
2007 – "The neighbors are good for me","Barbur" Gallery,Jerusalem.
2007- "As the Potter in the Hands of Clay","Basiss'" School,Heichal Hatarbut,Petach Tikva.
2007-"Longing for Peace", outdoor installation at the Galil ,Israel.
2007-"When the fish and the whale first met", according to a story by Gilad Shalit, "Hakatze", Naharia
2007 – "Cow Design Festival",Graphic Design ,Ukraine
2008- "Turandot" at the Opera House,Tel-Aviv
2008- "Caragoler", Lleida,Spain
2008- "Celebration", Anadolu University, Turkey.
2008- "Yevgeni Oniegin" at the Opera House, Tel-Aviv.
2009- "Horses and Oxes", The Cotine Maman Museum, Ashdod.
2009- "Tova Osman Gallery, 30th anniversary", Artists House Tel-Aviv.
2009- " Beyond the end of the nose", Ashdod Museum of Art- Monart Center, Ashdod.
2009- "Soldiers",", Raanana's Municipality Gallery
2009- "Horses and oxes", Korin Maman Museum, Ashdod
2009- 30 Celebration for Tova Osman Art Gallery, Artist's House, Tel-Aviv
2011-"Black and White"- Gebo Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2011- "Deep Focus"- Brick Lane Gallery, London.

Awards: 2007 – "Cow Design Festival",Graphic Design ,Ukraine
2009 – "Cow Design Festival",Illustration ,Ukraine

Other projects:

1995- Illustrations for a musical story "The Three Legged Monster" by Hana and Tzvi Avni .
Created for orchestra and narrator, the piece was performed in Israel and overseas,accompanied by slides made out of 50 illustrations as an integral part of the performance.A videotape was produced afterwards from those slides.

1997- Writing and illustration of two children books :"Pamperpox",and "Fly's Day out on the Beach","Kineret" Publisher.

2000 – Illustrations for children book : " Damzars,Weddings and Pencil Soup".

2001 – Illustrations for children book :" My first Panties".

2001- Writing and illustration for children book :"Zulka- a very good Witch"," Kineret" Publisher.

2002 –Illustrations for a compilation of Ladino stories and memories :"En tierras ajenas yo me vo murir",Isis Publisher,Istambul.

2003- Illustration for Yediot Hacharonot newspaper in Arutzim magazine.

2004- Illustration for The Tango and Malambo Festival,Santa Barbara,U.S.A
and logo for The Ben-Dor Music Discovery Project (Celebrating the Art Music of
Latin America).You can visit Gisele Ben-Dor's site.

2005-2007- Illustrations for several books at different publishers.

2008- "Nooan" magazine :

2009-"Zuta" magazine:

2009- "Osher" magazine:

2011- AIR- Residency at Fundacion Valparaiso, Mojacar, Spain


  • painting
  • prints
  • calligraphy
  • art
  • greeting cards
  • pencils
  • haiga
  • haiku
  • illustration
  • oil
  • paper
  • canvas
  • ink